The Mothership has Landed

Mar 4, 2016

Often ski and snowboard brands are happy to brush the question of where their products are made, under the carpet. At Amplid we couldn't be more proud of where we build our skis and snowboards. Since day one Amplid has produced its products at factories in the European Alps because of the environmental benefits, the Alps' long heritage of ski building and because Peter and the team like to be close for better R&D. Amplid has been working with CAPiTA MFG for many years and as of January this year production has been taking place in the Mothership, a futuristic manufacturing facility powered by 100% by water. Amplid is extremely proud to say that 80% of its skis and all of its snowboards are produced at the Mothership. Elan, just across the Austrian boarder in Slovenia, produces the remaining 20% of skis to Amplid's exacting design and specification. For more information about the Mothership be sure to watch this video.


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