Summer Rail Challenge 2016 - The Winners

Sep 7, 2016

On Monday evening Kevin assembled a hand selected pannel of judges made-up of his buddies: Joonas, Roope, Christian and of course Kevin himself. The crew meticulously watched through the contest submission on Kevin's oversize TV and selected the prize winners of the 2016 Summer Rail Challenge. The winners are as follows:

1st Place - Sage Frontella - US

We really liked Sage's creative rail combinations and very technical tricks! It was a really hard to choose between Sage's edit and the second place edit for the top spot, but Sage edged it with some really creative skiing and because he did half of them with broken skis.

Sage wins:

16/17 Amplid Antidote Skis
Saga Jacket, Pants, Mitts and Pullover
Spy Optics Goggles
Tall-T-Productions Hoodie, T-Shirt & Beanie
Large Box of mSnow, mWax and mSnow soft goods


2nd Place - Isaac Wright & Ben Amburgey - US

We were super impressed on Isaac's clean style and technical tricks, and it was a nice mix with Ben's steep grass skiing shots. We liked this edit a lot and it was very nearly our top pick.

Isaac & Ben win between them:

16/17 Amplid Provoke Skis
$100 Saga Gift Card
Spy Optics Sunglasses
Tall-T-Productions T-Shirt & Beanie
Medium Box of mSnow, mWax and mSnow soft goods


3rd Place - Alex Dube & Nick Van Gelder - US

Alex and Nick spun their way into 3rd place! We were really impressed on all the switch-up combos and spins in every direction by them.

Alex and Nick win between them:

Amplid Line Hunter Backpack & Beanie
$50 Saga Gift Card
Spy Optics Sunglasses
Tall-T-Productions T-Shirt & Beanie
Medium Box of mSnow, mWax and mSnow soft goods


Honorable Mentions
Unfortunately, not everybody can win. These edits were all really close to making the podium and deserve a mention:
Stephen Draper - Stephen had a really nice edit with a good mix of creativity and technicality.
Cory Iyoob - We were really impressed on Cory's long rail setups! This guy has mad balance skills.
Jackson Weber -  Jackson's edit was really cool and he's got super smooth style!
TSSB Productions - These guys really stepped-up the camera work and editing!
John Degelau - Unfortunately John's hard drive with all his footage crashed. despite that he still managed to make one of the most entertaining entries for the contest! John has won an internet high five!

Kevin would like to thank everybody who took part in the contest and submitted an entry! He'd also like to thank the contest's sponsors: Amplid, Saga, Spy Optics, Tall-T Productions and MSnow. Everybody at Amplid would like to thank Kevin for all of the effort he puts into arranging and promoting the contest! Now let's pray for a snowy winter!


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