Dec 24, 2009

Listen to what others say: “The Amplid Paradigma is advertised as one of the most versatile boards on the planet. Unfortunately I can’t approve that yet, as I wasn’t able to hit either park or pow with it. But what I can approve is it’s fantastic behaviour on groomers. The Paradigma held an stable edge no matter what surface I layed down a carve on as well as charging down the piste it had no chattering at all! Talking about carves, it is soo (!) much fun to use the whole width of the piste to extend your carves until the very last bit. Doing so, you’ll notice that the Paradigma offers you most, being ridden really actively. If you treat it right, it will endow you with some great liveliness and a poppy carve-feeling. Trying to do some piste tricks, the Paradigma showed me that it is not especially made for this. It has great pop for sure but is just too stiff and un-playful to do what you are used to, using a park noodle.


Tags: Misc, paradigma