Oct 21, 2009

Ten of the Best – Halfpipe Snowboards

SNOWBOARD Speed along the flat bottom of the pipe, grip up the walls, lightening quick response, plenty of pop off the lip and weightless airtime are qualities that you need from a snowboard if you want to push you abilities in the pipe. Snowboard Review had a look at 10 of the best offerings for the 09/10 season.

Amplid HiDef – Looking for one of the lightest boards on the planet with telepathic response and more grip in a pipe than a plumber’s vice? You may well have found the answers to all your prayers. Peter at Amplid didn’t skimp on the materials or on design on the HiDef. Featuring tip and tail Nomex inserts and Hex Mat pre-preg glass laminates the HiDef is leaner and far better looking than Madonna, add to that a 7700 grade sintered base and the mathematically correct CAD designed Bezier sidecut and you’re talking about a board that’s weightless in the air with uncompromising grip up the pipe walls and rocket speed along the flat bottom.

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