Tom Wallisch, King of ‘Banging

Jun 23, 2009

What is after-bang? After-bang was a term coined by the snowboard production company, Robot Food, as well as the title of its first movie. In 2002, Robot Food defined after-bang as “the desperate attempt to compensate lack of style after landing.” It is a last minute shot at redemption on an otherwise failed maneuver. Tom Wallisch is proclaimed to be the king of after-bang because of his graceful landings. However, his take offs are just as smooth and his tricks are more floated than the arms of a four-year-old in a swimming pool. His flawless style in the air makes Tom Wallisch the king of ‘banging: before-bang, mid-bang, and after-bang. The trifecta! Not to mention that he can slay any urban feature put in front of him.

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