A crowded house at the Goodstuff Store in Munich

Mar 16, 2009


After a relaxed shred session at the local Spitzing Park in the bavarian alps, the Amplid Research Cartel went straight to Munich to sign autographs for tons of fans.

Dew-Tour-Final winner Tom Wallisch from Salt Lake City, Stefan Falkeis who won the TTR Austrian Halfpipe Championships yesterday, Benny Deeg (3rd at the Peanut Butter railjam yesterday) and Teddy Berr rocked the house and stoked out lots of kids who pilgrimated to the temple of shred a.k.a. Goodstuff Store.


A tombola elected one lucky winner who could either choose a snowboard or a pair of ski. Jibmaster Tom Wallisch himself did the drawing and handed out a pair of Townships to an überhappy local shop kid.