Nov 11, 2008

GRAVITY – Reflections on Backcountry Freestyle Skiing.

This is the title of a new book release by Elina Sirparanta. Through nearly 10 years, hundreds of film rolls, and thousands of miles of travel, Elina has amassed a portfolio of imagery that communicates her unique version of the Backcountry Freestyle. From Whistler to la Plagne and somewhere on the way to Alaska, GRAVITY tells story about the search for the “perfect jump” and the magnificent powder days. Join Elina and the masters of backcountry skiing – Julien Regnier, JP Auclair, Mati Imbert, Anthony Boronowski, Tanner Hal, Pep Fujas, Fabien Maierhofer, Laurent Favre, Sven Kueenle and many others – in their pursuit of the most beautiful images.

Elina: “GRAVITY is not a book about my photos, but about these skiers and what they do.


The book comes as a bilingual edition: French – English. And the art council of the A.R.C.highly recomments this book. So click here and have that book sent to you are check out Elina’s website for more impressive photography.

Here is another appetizer from the book: Mati Imbert in Whistler B.C. – enjoy:


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