Tropical Night in Innsbrooklyn

Jun 28, 2008

Two reasons to party last night: Mitch T., finishing the university in order to surf some mexican waves for the rest of the year. And: A party to raise money for the SURFAIR foundation, which was founded by Mitch Tölderer, Flo Puritscher, Bibi pekarek and friends.

Surfair? The money from the SURFAIR Charity event goes to Franz Lackner and his crew who can use it for the most urgent needs. Franz Lackner, originally from Steiermark, Austria lives already for 40 years in the east of Indonesia (Timor,Roti and Savu) where he is working as a missionary. Every day he is living and dealing with the problems of the local people and is helping them to help themselves. At the moment he is working with the locals on a well where they have to dig 30 meters deep on their own. He and his staff travel around the island to bring medication and other things of need to the people. Furthermore they run a girl school which gives them the chance to make a degree and learn a profession. At the moment there is a big need for scythes (a simple tool to cut grass) in the rain season. Otherwise the grass rottens and during the dry season people have to slaughter their animals because of the lack of fodder.


AK cinematographer Seppi Dabringer, Stefan Gimpl, Peter Bauer & Stefan Falkeis donating themselves some beers after donating to the charity event.


A.R.C. rider Bibi Pekarek, getting tropical, while her knee is healing up from her accident during an O’Neill filmshoot last spring.

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