How to BBQ.

Nov 12, 2007


Photo: V. Egetarian

Argentina doesn’t only have nice mountains and beautiful chicks. It also has a, incredible BBQ culture. A.R.C. underground ambassador Miguel Duhalde and the renowned grillmaster Marcelo Blanco show us all the steps to prepare an authentic pampas style grill: from the different cuts and ways of roasting the meat to how to start the fire and obtain the ideal temperature of live coals to achieve that unmistakable flavor of grilled meat.

This DVD+Book set also explains how to grill on the cross grill and on the rotary plow, and shows how to prepare the traditional sidedishes of a “criollo” grill, such as sauces, typical salads, and grilled vegetables, as well as advice on which wine to choose to enhance this delicious combination of flavors.

The constant interaction between Marcelo Blanco’s words and the advice of the book will enrich your culinary knowledge, and will turn you into a real argentine grillmaster!

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