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The Facelift is an all-new touring ski designed for the new generation of freeriders looking to go deeper into the backcountry. Utilising a carbon construction developed for the Milligram splitboard it blends weightlessness with solid performance. Amplid's Julien Lange has been out on the ski, conducting invaluable testing. Read more


Andy from The Gemsstock - Deep Snow Culture, spent the first few weeks of winter in Whistler. Where better to taste a powder board than the Canada's west coast? Read more


Newschoolers gear editor Twig took the all-new Antidote for a ride last month, in classic pre-season conditions, on the Stubai Glacier. It's hard for any ski to excel in early season conditions, so we were very stoked when the ski came-up trumps. Read more


The Roof Box is Newschoolers' pick of the best ski gear. This week Newschoolers' gear editors selected the top powder skis from the 15/16 winter offering. They had a lot of positive things to say about the Hill Bill! Read more


Reviewing snowboards is all about opinion and the Angry Snowboarder has more opinion to share than most reviewers. It's fortunate for us then that Angry loved the Pillow Talk, a fresh concept in powder board design. Read more


Another review from the folks at translated with the help of Google and finessed with pure guess work. This time it was the turn of Amplid's new all-mountain ski, the Multiplayer, to be put through its paces. Read more


The most awarded ski in the Amplid collection scoops more silverware for its trophy cabinet, this year it's from the guys at Read the whole interview, translated into English, here. Read more


2015 was the second year in a row that Amplid has sent the Syntax to Skieur Magazine's annual ski test and it's the second year that the ski has been awarded a coverted "Tester's Choice" award. Maybe next year we'll make it a hat-trick! Read more


Yearly, the Community Touring Club, a collective of die-hard skinners, puts the latest and greatest touring skis through their paces in the French Alps. We shipped them a pair of 15/16 Ego Trip Evolutions with its new ultra-light construction and this is what they had to say... Read more


More great news from the world of splitboarding, this time from the kind chaps at european splitboard website put the Milligram through it's paces in the Northern Alps of Germany and Austria and have selected it as one of their favourite boards of the 15/16 winter. Read more


The Milligram is a new splitboard in the Amplid collection for the 15/16 season. Building on the success of the now legendary LAB Carbon Split, the Milligram takes it's vaporweight construction and applies it to a new shape concept. Splitboard Mag voted it the MOST VERSATILE splitboard that they tested. Read more


For aggressive and dynamic femal snowboards the LoveLife has always been a fantastic choice, its Paradigma inspired dimensions and Hybrid-V camber create a responsive and lively board to ride. Now with the addition of Basalt Suspension Strips the board is even better equiped to crush the backcountry. Outside Magazine really liked the new board and featured it in its gear guide as a favourite! Read more


Renowned for telling it how he sees it, the Angry Snowboarder hasn't made a name for himself and his board reviews by making friends in the industry. Nope Angry will call a spade a spade and to hell with the consequences. It's one of the reasons we like to send him boards, for honest, opinionated, feedback. Read more


Blister Gear Review, a US based website putting skis and snowboards through their paces for the benefit of the general public, doesn't pull any punches when it gets to putting opinions to paper. We were more than stoked when we read the review of Amplid's flagship snowboard the UNW8. Read more


By the time the hectic winter season has ended and there's more time to invest into important R&D projects it's usually May. This year May in the northern Alps has been cold and wet which means conditions on Austria's Glaciers have been all-time! Read more


When a board tester describes a board as "taking no prisinors" that's either a very good or very bad thing. In the case of the UNW8 it was just a way to describe how this all-mountain beast won't stand for any nonsense. Read more


Buying a ready made splitboard is an expensive job, but once you add carbon into the equation the prices bump up considerably. So is carbon worth the extra cost? And what really are the benefits over a traditional fibreglass construction? has the answers. Read more


Today Amplid releases a very limited edition ski and snowboard to mark TEN years of Amplid and THIRTY years since the company's owner Peter Bauer first strapped onto a snowboard, a decision that changed his life. The ARC blog caught up with Peter to find out more about the very special 10/30 series and uncover a bit more about his past 30 years designing boards and skis. Read more


Not everybody likes to ride gnarly rock faces and terrifying couloirs on a powder day. Most people just want to cruise through the trees with finesse and fluidity, air some pillows and huck some tricks into bottomless landings. This is exactly what Amplid designed the Pillow Talk for and it seems French snowboard mag Snowsurf agrees! Here's their review. Read more


Wanna know what Amplid's epic powder board, the Morning Glory, is all about? Check-out this review by French snowboard magazine "Snowsurf", these guys obviously know a good powder board when they ride one! Read more


Each winter, French snowboard title "Snowsurf Magazine" tests hundreds of snowboards from a broad selection of brands. The testers particularly liked Amplid's Big Mountain freeride board the Creamer and awarded it "Top of the Pop" status. Read more


Last winter, French freeski title Skieur Magazine, was shipped a pair of Syntax and Provoke, two skis at opposite ends of the feel and price spectrum in Amplid's line, to test. Here's what they thought of Amplid's price point true twin, the Provoke. Read more


The Syntax is a ski that has been endlessly tweaked and tuned over the years to reach perfection. Developed with the input of Amplid's top team riders, past and present, it's a true flagship ski for Amplid. In March we shipped a pair of Syntax to Skieur Magazine to check that our pride wasn't misplaced and the ski ended up winning a "Tester's Choice" Award. Read more


Snowmagazine took the UNW8, Pillow Talk and Stereo for a spin. After a few days on the boards the Stereo emerged as one of the tester's favourites thanks to the boards fun feel and versatility. Read more


Every May the UK's retailers and dedicated riders pack their boots and outerwear and head out to Kaunertal in Austria for some spring snowboard testing. In October The Reason Magazine publishes the tester's notes. Here's what they thought of Amplid's boards. Read more


AT ski bindings like the Tyrolia Adrenaline and the Marker Duke have changed the way freeriders view ski touring and their equipment choices. The Ego Trip Evolution is as revolutionary, combining lightweight tour-ready construction with a ski that charges the whole mountain. Use it as your everyday resort ski or take it on a tour, but never compromise the ride down! We sat down with PB to find-out more about the ski. Read more


US product review website has earned itself a reputation for offering consumers some of the most insightful and useful gear reviews on the internet. We shipped the guys an Amplid Creamer in the hope that they'd like it. Read more


In May Whitelines Magazine managed to take the Pillow Talk in some fresh Austrian Powder at the annual Spring Break gathering. Here's what tester Adam Hoskins from Bliss Snowboard Store had to say about the board and its unconventional, oversize dimensions. Read more


Host a handful of Dutch snowboard testers in Ischgl, Austria, and what do you get? Nope, the answer isn't an increase in bad apres ski music. You get 128 snowboards tried and tested in the space of a week. Here's what the testers thought of the LoveLife, Stereo, Pocketknife, Paradigma and HiDef. Read more


The Syntax is a ski that everybody at Amplid is proud of, and it's been a favourite with the team since day 1. Sometimes though it's good to send skis out to testers to get some independent opinion. Last February we shipped Eric from Exotic skis a pair of Syntax to test. Eric's more "all-mountain slayer" than "park rat" so we were interested to see what he had to say. Read more


Every year French publication "Community Touring Club" assembles a large group of avid Freerando enthusiasts in the heart of the French Alps to test the latest and greatest skis. It looks like they enjoyed their time on Amplid's AT ski the Ego Trip Evolution. Read more


Skiing Product Special

German skiing magazine ...erm "SKIING" just released its annual Product Special. The editors had lots of nice things to say about the Rockwell and Lexington, two defining skis that have been turning people onto the Amplid brand for a while. Check-out what they had to say. Read more


The Pillow Talk is a new snowboard in the Amplid line for the 14/15 season, featuring radically different geometry. Its unique outline and carefully thought-out profile put a whole new spin on powder board design. The ARC blog asked the board's designer, Peter Bauer, a few questions. Read more


Our Spanish friends at Splitboard Magazine took the Morning Split for a week of testing up at Tavascan High Mountain Resort in the Spanish Pyrenees. All of the boards on the test were put through their paces in a variety of snow conditions and terrain. Check-out the opinion they formed of the Morning Split. Read more


Victor, Marco, David and the rest of the Splitboard Magazine crew know their sh*t. Together they've ridden more splitboards than most. Amplid shipped the guys a demo LAB Carbon Split for their annual test at Tavascan High Mountain Resort. We were stoked on the feedback from the testing. Read more


Eric from Exotic Skis spent a few weeks cruising about on the Rockwells last winter. Read Eric's full report and find-out what he thought of Amplid's all-mountain game changer. Read more


At Amplid we're testing new shreds daily. When summer arrives that doesn't change. Right now, team rider Kevin Salonius, who is in Les Deux Alpes to coach at Parom freeski camps, is putting a new park ski prototype through its paces. Read more


The Angry Snowboarder is one board tester that doesn't pull his punches. We shipped him Amplid's new all-mountain twin, the Stereo, and crossed our fingers. With this guy you never know what he'll say in his reviews! Read more


R&D Never Stops

It's mid-June and temperatures in southern Bavaria, the location of Amplid's headquarter, are soaring to 32 degrees celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). High temperatures haven't stopped Amplid's R&D department from getting to work testing three new ski shapes for the 15/16 product line. Read more is one of Europe's two biggest splitboard publications. Based in the south of Bavaria they're always keen to get their hands on Amplid's latest splitboard gear. At the Shops' 1st Try event in Landeck they manager to spend a bit of time on the Morning Split and this is what they thought. Read more

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