Stereo Review -

Jun 27, 2014

Avran aka The Angry Snowboarder has a reputation for testing boards and upsetting brands by giving very opinionated reviews on boards. We took a risk and shipped him Amplid's new all-mountain twin, the Stereo. In our book it's a shame he didn't get to ride the Stereo in some blower pow!

Conditions: Springtime conditions. Firmer in the morning, softer mid day, then firming back up as the sun was heading down. The snow had that consistency of clumpy mashed potatoes.

Flex: This board has a true middle of the road predictable flex pattern. The tips are softer which give it a lot of play but then it stiffens up under foot and through the middle.

Stability: The boards stable enough for riding around in varying conditions on the resort. Whether you’re in the park or just lapping some groomers there wasn’t any point in the day that it seemed unstable. There is chatter in the tips but with how Amplid mills them (Fly Tips) that’s to be expected.

Ollies: This board has a lot of snap in the tips. The way it flexes you can really load it up and snap off of whatever obstacle is in the way.

Pop On Jumps: Hitting jumps this board is right at home. The blunt shape helps with getting the snap you want and the camber zones under foot add to the pop.

Butterability: This boards tip shape and profile really help with buttering. You can get up on the tips with ease and they lock in real well. There’s enough rebound from the board to pop you back out but not make you feel like it’s trying to slingshot you.

Jibbing: Locking into presses on the tips is easy. The boards flex pattern really works with you and the milling of the core definitely help.

Carving: This sidecut is designed to lock in for the easiest set up or long drawn out carves. You can rail turns, flex the middle of the board and lock in, or be lazy.

Rider in Mind: The all mountain guy that wants a deck that is master to none but can handle the tasks at hand.

Personal Thoughts: This is the second board from Amplid I’ve ever ridden and it’s fun. It has snap, a great sidecut, and a solid shape. The problem is that it’s a board that almost every company has. While this board does everything you could want perfectly it doesn’t stand out as having one thing better than the other which is where it falls short. It felt like I was riding a board I had ridden a 100 times before.

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