Pally'Hi uses the highest quality Merino wool in its performance driven, style focused clothing. The result is lightweight, warm, breathable, anti-bacterial and odour resistant apparel, perfect for wearing during sport. Flattering, urban-inspired styles look cool and casual in any situation and don’t restrict Pally’Hi apparel to base layers or gym wear. We use australian Merino wool from mulesing-free suppliers only. All our wool traders carry the A.W.T.A. certification. For our firstlayer products we use solely finest 17.5 micron wool quality. Pally'Hi is a subsidiary of Amplid.


We make garments for snowboarders and skiers, surfers and skateboarders, bikers and hikers, or simply to anyone who likes our stuff and sees the benefits of wearing Merino. Life is an adventure, but not everybody wants to wear performance clothing that makes them look like part of a Mt. Everest expedition.