Key Tech Stories

From the scientific underground

Countless variables go into a shred. Are the materials the strongest and lightest they can be? Is the shape the product of decades of experience and hundreds of hours of testing?  Can the factory create prototypes within a matter of days to test new ideas? Is the team able to feedback on a product after months of abusing it, to perfect the flex or improve durability? Is the company flexible enough to respond to rider demands in an incredibly short timeframe? When all of these variables come together harmoniously, this is Amplid.

Jekyll & Hyde Geometry

Unlimited Handling and Floatation

JHG - The A.R.C has been busy developing new mind-bending shred shapes. Skis and snowboards with split riding personalities: Max effective edge and square centimetres in a min board or ski length.
Experimenting with complete shaping (outline, camber and core profile together) in the lab and on the mountain has resulted in some crazy discoveries: Unsinkable but nimble powder boards, sawn-off jib decks with huge pop and edge-hold and the ultimate all-mountain ski recipe. With Jekyll and Hide Geometry appearances can be deceiving.

Amplid Green Light

Non-Bullshit ecofriendly technology

Our ecological maximes: Boards, Skis, Skibindings, Poles: 90% of our products being produced in the EU; Highest environmental standards for production in EU; Cutting down max. travel for all board & ski ingredients - currently 300 km only; WDT Polywood: Investment in RnD and Moulds to reuse wood debris and safe energy; Lacquer curtain for UV-gloss banned due to ecological impact (replaced through PLT); Distance factory - chairlift: 10 km; Distance headquarter - chairl.ift: 8 km; Distance US office - chairlift: 7 miles. The award winning Amplid Green Light Project continuies to teach us how to produce snowboards and skis in the most ecofriendly way possible.

HEXO2 Core Technology

My dad is a rocket scientist

HEXO2 Technology - Developed as an Aerospace technology, HEXO2 is a honeycomb structure manufactured from recycled paper which we place strategically to reduce swingweight. Inorder to avoid resin dropping into the combs (=weight!), we use a homegrown shockfrozen prepreg what we call HexMat. Don't believe us? You can see it through our glory holes.

Abuse Base Technology

Life extending meassures

Heat from the friction generated by sliding rails and boxes can cause plastic base material to deform. ABUSE BASE TECH is a thin coating of metal particles beneath the base that conducts heat away from these hot spots, extending the life of your favorite ride.

Stomp Guard

Fighting against shark bites

New sleds are attracted to rocks, it's an unexplainable fact. Amplid's STOMP GUARD technology increases the impact force required to blow-out an edge by up to 215%. Say hello to early season dumps on your new ride.