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Pepe Gay WCS 8 Edit

Spanish filmer/director/editor Pepe Gay is on a roll this winter. Pepe's edits have been catching the attention of all the right people this winter, but when you have talent like Pepe does and you're filming Luka and Noah, good things are inevitably going to happen. This month Pepe was in Oregon for the West Coast Session, here's his edit.
Progression is all about timing and environment. Build the biggest and best jump in North America at the end of the season when the world's best freeski pros have had a season to warm up. Add a relaxed, loose atmosphere and some soft snow conditions and then sit back and watch progression happen.

Amplid Skiers at WCS

The invited riders list for 2014's West Coast Session are live. Amplid team riders Luka Melloni, Noah Albaladejo and McRae Williams will be travelling to Timberline resort in Oregon next week for ski season's final event.
This week the West Coast Session Team edits went live. Catch the videos on the WCS vimeo page and keep an eye-out for the white bases and green tips of the Cartel all riding next winter’s Syntax skis. Here’s a quick reminder of which Cartel riders were on which team. Steve Stepp and Luka Melloni [...]
At the start of May Amplid’s Iberian Cartel; consisting of Pako, Luka and Noah, packed their things and headed out to the West Coast Sessions at Timberline resort, Oregon. All Noah had to show for this trip of a lifetime was an I <3 Oregon T-shirt and this lousy shot by Ethan Stone of him [...]

West Coast Sessions Happened

The West Coast Sessions an annual spring gathering of the world’s best freeskiers happened last week at Timberline, Oregon. The Cartel has always represented Amplid in force at WCS and this year was no different. Noah, Luka, Steve and McRae made the trip out west to catch some rays, ride the best spring park in [...]


This is the first-ever “West Coast Session Day 5″ post because we’ve never done five days of Sessioning before. This year thanks to our wonderful hosts Timberline and Windell’s Camp as well as our other sponsors, we were able to session an incredible variety of features over the past five days, and today we managed [...]


After skiing it was time to celebrate our two West Coast Session birthdays: Jeff Curry (25) and Karl Fostvedt (22) with a barbeque at Windell’s! Above, Karl and Jeff with the cute heart-shaped Mother’s Day cake that Andy Parry brought for them. Check what happened DURING skiing … 


Another day in the office for ARC rider McRae Williams. Check out WCS day III and more of Ethan Stone’s photos at Or directly at the official WCS website.


McRae Williams tossing some big dub 10s in the dry. Check out the coverage of our WSC 2012 Day II at !


Does that look like fun ? Well, then get the entire story on – texts and pics by our friend Ethan Stone – Thanks Ethan !
On May 6 the West Coast Session returns to Mt. Hood, Oregon. For the sixth consecutive year, the Session will freeze-‐frame the state of today’s park skiing style, progression and culture by inviting top young ski talent to sample Mt. Hood’s excellent freestyle and natural terrain for five days, kicking off the spring season at [...]
On Wednesday morning we prepared for what was to be a climactic final day to close out WCS5. The sun was gleaming brilliantly off the rolling slopes of Mt. Hood as we arrived at Timberline, illuminating the huge mound of snow up on the Palmer snowfield that had become the WCS 5 money booter. The [...]

West Coast Session 5 Day 4

All too quickly, Day Four of this year’s West Coast Session arrived last Wednesday. It seems like every year it goes by faster. Maybe next year we’ll go for a week! The day before, we sessioned just a little bit of the unbelievably awesome Windell’s campus. No better way to follow up a ski day [...]

West Coast Session 5 Day 3

Day 3: The sky has cleared up again, after a windy and snowy day 2. Perfect kickers and a couple inches of fresh were irresistible  motivation factors for the entire crew. The ARC is getting busy: Steve is back big time after his injury, as you can see. Alex Martini made it over all the [...]

West Coast Session 5 Day 2

A rather windy day today …

West Coast Session 5 Day 1

Recap of day one from West Coast Session 5 at Timberline resort, Mt. Hood, OR. By Evan Heath.
That’s right, we started WCS off with the public day this year. Until now the event has ended on a Saturday, making that day the logical choice to invite the public. This year we moved to an early-week schedule, Sunday thru Wednesday, and opted to kick things off with the public jam for once. The [...]
Spring on the West Coast and the feeling is good, it’s time to pack your bags and get out to Mt. Hood! It’s high time for another West Coast Session, now back for a triumphant fifth year. Each spring the West Coast Session brings together North America’s top young skiers, videographers and photographers for an [...]
More info for all japanese rippers and all movies from day 1 to day 4 at !
Thanks to Hennie vJ.
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