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ACROSS Emptiness

"ACROSS emptiness" is the story of a real Dolomitic crossing made by a group of splitboarders and ski mountaineers into an almost imaginary space: the one left by the pandemic and the closure of ski resorts during the winter of 20/21.
A journey that creates the background for a comparison between the emptiness of wild spaces and the one created by highly anthropized areas. An opportunity to raise questions about the future of alpine valleys, the ski monoculture and the fundamental role of the outdoor community in environmental activism.

Luca Dalpez (Amplid)
Luca Albrisi
Simone Barberi
Manuel “Capa” Zambanini
Elisa Bessega
Matteo Pavana


"ACROSS emptiness" | Official Trailer from Luca Albrisi | inDEEPendent on Vimeo.

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