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The 2022 Amplid Surfari Snowboard Review - by the ANGRY SNOWBOARDER

Conditions: A mix of overcast skies with pockets of blue, high visibility, fresh snow on and off the run, soft groomers, heavy windloaded areas, and a little chunder for good measure.

Flex: The overall flex is ever so slightly past a middle of the road in the freeride spectrum. You get a slightly softer nose that stiffens up outside the front insert pack then stays fairly consistent to the right in front of the back insert pack and stiffens up a little bit. The torsional flex is there and you notice it when you twist the board but it doesn’t feel loose when engaging it.

Stability: For the most part this board is super stable and just crushes through everything in its path. You can charge with it and not worry about too much chatter in the nose and what chatter there is doesn’t resonate fully back under the front foot. In uneven terrain the board doesn’t get knocked around like others of this caliber and manages to stay on top of everything.

Ollies/Pop: With this board having camber it does need to be loaded up to snap. Now loading it up takes little effort but brings optimal results from it. This board has snap.

Butterability: While the nose has early rise in it, it’s still takes a bit of work to lock in a butter. So give it some speed and get your weight outside that front foot towards the end of the camber zone. Then muscle it a bit more. On the tail go fast and lean way back so you can do a wheelie.

Carving: This thing is a blast on edge to carve with. It has a smooth and quick roll in and out of turns. It steers almost all the way out at the front contact point but then as you transition through the turn you can drive it more outside the front foot while still steering it with the back foot as you center flex it. Railing a hard turn you notice how locked in it feels and that it has a lot of drive out of the tail to slingshot you out of a turn. Short quick set up turns, medium mellow carves, or deep aggressive ones it has no problem doing any variation of them. What’s nice is the torsional flex lets you change the angle of your carve with minimal effort.

Rider in Mind: All mountain freeride guy that wants one deck to rule them all.

Personal Thoughts: This deck is super fun and well balanced. It cuts through fresh snow with ease, gets on top of wide open pow, but still retains enough torsional flex to be good in tight trees. The stability of this board is amazing as well which allows you to charge into uneven terrain faster and works with the torsional flex to let you drive it how you want. Overall this is a well balanced freeride board that isn’t super demanding but does have a great reactive lively feel to it.