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UNW8 Volcano Shredding

Some challenges just aren't a good idea, but that doesn't mean that nobody will ever attempt it! Keow wee Loong is one of those adventurers who throws caution to the wind and persues the impossible. This month, having set himself the challenge last year, Keow climbed a 2350m volcano named Mt. Bromo, in Indonesia, so that he could snowboard down its ash banks. The only problem with this plan being that this particular volcano is active and was errupting at the time. But who cares about lava and poisonous gasses anyway? Armed with an UNW8, a gass mask and a huge pair of balls (which must have been heavy work to carry up the volcano), Keow achieved his mission and shredde the gnar.

So what's next for Keow? We don't know exactly, but we're pretty certain it will negate his UNW8's warranty.