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Gerwentil - Full Movie

Centuries-old maple trees lose their autumn dress and prepare for the dark time of the year.

"Olles wos aufhead, muas a irgendwonn wida onfongen."

Three freeriders set off into the mountains, always in search of new terrain and new challenges.What they don't know is: There is something out there watching all their moves and trying to understand the reason for these risky descents.

A two-year Passion Project about freeriding, looked at from a new perspective, critically questioning the subject itself. Is it morally acceptable to invade a world populated by rare animals and plants just because we love exploring so much?

Watch Amplid rider Victor Heim and his friends exploring their home turf in this extraordinary arthouse snowboard movie.


Producer - FarFrom GmbH
Director - Christoph & Philipp Kaar ____a_twinthingfilm____
Starring - Victor Heim @heim_victor, Simon Partl @simon.partl, , Norbert Heim
Guest Appearance - Tobias Wohlmannstetter @tobiaswohlmannstetter
Director Of Photography - Christoph & Philipp Kaar
Animations - Philipp Kaar
Aeriel Operator - Lukas Auer / Airnail @airnail_aerial_global , Victor Heim, Philipp Kaar
Film Editor - Christoph & Philipp Kaar
Sound Mix & Sound Design - Florian Falkenberg @floustonradoo
Voiceover - Martin Leutgeb
Colourist & Stills Photographer - Lukas Cairns @lugo_cairns
Composing (Gerwentil Theme Song) - Julian Kossmann @juli_coss
Studio Recording - Felix Sterzinger / Aton Studios @don.aton

A Twin Thing Film. Innsbruck, January 2022.

Featured at the Freeride Film Festival Innsbruck, Freeride Filmbase Innsbruck, the Krakow Mountain Festival, the International Austrian Film Festival and the Alpenfilmfestival.