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If you wish to read the whole article, which is well worth a read, visit Below we've picked a handful of nice things that Buell and the contributing riders had to say about their experiences of the Milligram. 

Many thanks to Buell for putting it together, everybody who contributed and of course to Colin Balke at


Buell Steelman

"The Milligram has shown me that that weight also influences riding performance. When riding, the light weight makes it much more responsive than other splits. It feels like a well behaved extension of my feet."

"The Milligram is such a versatile board and the light weight makes such a big difference both up and down that I have no interest in riding anything heavier."


Matt Stouder

"The Milligram is a pleasure to skin being so light. I really notice the difference whenever I’m out on one of my other splits – they feel so heavy now. As for riding, the board slays powder with ease, and really excels in steeper, technical terrain."


Sunny Hamilton

"I’ve put my Milligram Split through every type of riding between Valdez, AK and Los Molles Argentina for three seasons and have yet to find conditions where it doesn’t excel."


Jim Wintermyre

"I own a lot of splitboards that I like, and now the only one I want to take out is the Milligram."


Rebecca Sams

"Oh wow, is this thing fun! It is playful and responsive in all conditions, even for a lightweight who is more finesse and flow than power and speed. When I feel like upping my game, the Milligram gives me the confidence to tackle steeper lines and variable conditions."


Ben Reynolds - Amplid Ambassador

"Combined with a high performance split binding, karakoram’s, I feel a huge amount of confidence in my system while undertaking my dream lines!"


Mario Kaeppeli - Amplid Cartel Team

"It’s the best splitboard I’ve ever owned."