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SuperUnknown Finals - Kevin's Report

By the looks of Kevin's photos, to be a part of the finals Kevin and the rest of the invited finalists needed to be as good a digging as they were at shredding! He're Kevin's quick write-up.

"Right now I'm at the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to Helsinki.

The week at Snoqualmie was awesome, it was really fun to shred with all the 9 other finalists!

We had the whole mountain for ourselves which was really sick! We got to build/design our own features that we wanted to shred and the park crew at the mountain was really helpful and stoked on what we were doing. It was really cool filming with the Level 1 crew, and everybody got some sick shots!

After a week of shredding and filming we had to vote for a winner, and Mitchell Brower go the most votes so he won the Superunknown. Mitchell was skiing really good the whole week!

Overall this was definitely the best and most fun ski trip I've ever been on! It was really nice getting to know all the other finalists and skiing with them. Still really stoked that I got to go there!"