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Sick of vibrating noses and unnerving tip chatter? Then check out Amplid’s ANTIPHASE damping system. Inspired by noise cancellation systems, this technology will give you the most stable ride you'll ever experience. Amplid founder and tech wizard Peter Bauer sheds light into ANTIPHASE‘s RnD process in this new NOTES FROM THE LAB episode…

Antiphase™ is a brand-new technology, developed in-house by Amplid, which reduces vibrations, improving board stability. Unlike conventional damping, which relies on rubber elastomers to reduce vibrations, Antiphase™ is a multidirectional composite layer bonded to a non-Newtonian material, which is placed between the tip and binding. It disrupts the natural frequency of an oscillating snowboard, stopping vibrations which otherwise amplify and end-up as tip chatter.

Uncontrolled nose chatter is destabilizing and unnerving. For the past twenty years, manufacturers of piste specific gear have side-stepped the problem by minimising tip length, using excessive camber depths and with liberal use of energy absorbing rubbers. Stiff, boring to ride and totally useless in powder, we wanted to find an alternate fix for chatter without the usual side effects.

Looking outside of the winter sports and sporting goods market there’s a wealth of cutting-edge industries developing innovative solutions to kill “bad vibes”. Inspired by research pioneered in the audio and aerospace industries, Amplid began developing a system which uses disruptive interference to damp vibrations. Project Antiphase™ was born.

A series of small plates, carefully manufactured at Amplid’s factory from pre-cured, unidirectional carbon fiber are carefully orientated and adhered to a Non-Newtonian polymer sandwich. The complete system is placed in milled channels on the base side of the core, in a location where they can most effectively disrupt chatter.