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Antidote Review - Le Bon Test

Fans of the Rockwell already, we sent the testers at french website Le Bon Testa pair of Antidotes to see what they thought of them...

"An amazing ski, super reactive!" For a pure Freestyle ski, the Antidote surprised the testers with its behaviour on-piste and even outside. Offering lively initiation, a very good turn shape and a healthy behaviour from turn to turn, it has everything necessary in terms of alpine qualities to satisfy freestylers who passed by the Sports Club before turning to the Park. Where it is just as effective and versatile in its behavior. An accessible flex and playful in the tips makes it an obvious choice for butters (thanks also to the generous rocker) and at ease shredding; while remaining lively under-foot for pop. It is not made for Big Airs, the Antidote is fairly light and well balanced in the air, but is better expressing itself on small and medium tables. And since it’s quite narrow under the foot it’s very cool for rails: It is a real ride everywhere ski! We should finish by saying, that with the right width and a shape, inspired by the very versatile Rockwell, its capable in all snow conditions.

For good skiers through to expert freestylers; all those looking for a ski as comfortable in the Park as it is outside. Good natured and above all, efficient all over the mountain.

This review was translated by us (and Google Translate), to the best of our ability. To find the original review in French and the accompanying video, visit