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Exotic Skis - Alter Ego Review

Eric Edelstein has probably tested more skis than any other person on the planet. And being situated on the East Coast of the United States, it's fair to say that a ski has to perform in somewhat "variable" conditions to get his approval. But Amplid has a ski for those kind of conditions wo we sent Eric a pair of Alter Egos and awaited his feedback.

Below are some extracts from his review. Click the link below to read the whole, comprehensive review.

"On packed powder, corduroy and hardpack, we found we really, really loved the turn behavior and grip throughout the ski's body when driving at expert level, often finding ourselves at higher and higher edge angles with our skis out farther and farther from our center of mass with big grins."

"The Alter Ego has a fairly large surface area in the forebody, thanks to the shaping gurus at Amplid.  It floats remarkably well with a predictable rise and fall up an down in deep snow (like we said, we had four feet in two days in Squaw!) and an easy, predictable turning behavior without giving you a sinking feeling or darty feel underfoot.  If you had to get stuck in a storm with Alter Egos, the only thing you might want is a longer pair."

"This is one of the best all-around resort skis we have tried in years, with a huge performance envelope and great handling traits in a handsome package."

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