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Facelift Review - Backcountry Magazine

“Skied with confidence through all conditions”Miles Kochalka

Designed for lickety-split uphill travel, the Facelift combines a carbon-wrapped paulownia and balsa core with Amplid’s progressive, proprietary Jekyll and Hyde sidecut that strives for maximum effective edge over minimum ski length for a feisty yet sturdy feel (*note: In fact, it’s designed for optimising surface area for float). Some testers took notice of the ski’s perky attitude. One called it “a light ski with plenty of energy,” while another mentioned its “nice power-to-weight” ratio. But others found the Facelift to be more reminiscent of Joan Rivers after a trip to the plastic surgeon – a little taut and rigid. “A very stiff tail makes the ski unforgiving,” remarked one tester who further noted the Facelift’s strong suit would be “long tours with low-angle pow”.

The review was originally features in the Backcountry Magazine 2016/17 Gear Guide.