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Introducing the LAB Carbon Pocketknife

Weighing just 1.75Kg (under 4lbs) the Amplid Carbon Pocketknife is the lightest production snowboard ever created. Using the same refined shape as the standard Pocketknife, this sawn-off, pocket sized weapon uses materials and technologies developed for use in the ultralight LAB Carbon Split to shave-off every unnecessary gram.

Carbon topsheet-free construction elimintaes the need for a weighty topsheet whilst remaining rugged. Low viscosity aespace epoxy ensures consistent fibre and core wetting throughout the board whilst allowing every excess gram of resin to sqeezed out of the lay-up when the board is pressed. A Birch and Paulownia core guarantees minimum core density and remains durable.

The team approved Pocketknife shape removes unnecessary board length from the tips of the board keeping spin weight to an absolute minimum whilst providing the effective edge of a traditional twin shaped board 8cm longer, guaranteeing grip on hardpack snow conditions. Despite the carbon construction, the flex of the Pocketknife is very moderate and matched with the Hybrid-V camberline the amount of ollie pop created from flexing the Carbon PK is staggering. This is the most highend board for ripping goomers, launching off side hits and tearing apart the park ever built.

The LAB Carbon Pocketknife is available from a select number of hand-picked retailers and from Amplid's online store at the price of 600 Eur. As with all LAB products,  availability is limited to just 30 boards worldwide.