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Morning Split Review - Splitboard Magazine

Every March Amplid sends Victor at Splitboard Mag some boards to test. This winter the guys from Splitboard Mag rode both the Morning Split and the LAB Carbon Split and this is what they had to say about the Morning Split.

"The first thing that strikes us is a very light board thanks to the carbon strings, perfect for long days on the mountain, despite of what it feels like a very stable and solid board. On the other hand, its generous nose and swallow tail has let us enjoy the rides, allowing us to float on deep powder. Unfortunately, it is only available in 163 cm, with a 260mm waist. We would have liked to test it in a smaller length, and mostly with a narrower waist. Having said that, it’s still one of the most versatile and balanced we have ridden so far."

The board was awarded the following scores by the testers:

Pop - 8/10 | Torsion - 8/10 | Flex - 8/10 | Groomed Snow - 8/10 | Off Piste - 9/10 | Floatability - 9/10

 Below is a video review by Splitboard Mag.

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