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Pillow Talk Review - Snowsurf Magazine

The Pillow Talk is perhaps the most radical board shape in Amplid's 10 year history. Naturally we wanted to get as many people riding it as possible during the review season, but unfortunately we were a little late with prototyping so we had to send the magazine pre-production boards that were a little bit too soft with too much kick in the tips. Still, for a board that wasn't quite finished, the guys at Snowsurf Magazine had some nice things to say about it! You can find a link through to the original review on Snowsurf online here.

"The Pillow Talk (not to be confused with Salomon's girls’ board!) by Amplid offers a backcountry all-terrain board with a flexible and playful feel. Very nice underfoot, it rides with impressive comfort.  On first impression, it felt weirdly "soft" for an all-terrain board, but you soon realize it is not for speed and rough terrain, but rather that it is a "facilitator" aiding the riding of fresh snow and flexing its awesome spatulas that react well when bending. Offering remarkable efficiency in the powder, this board has extraordinary buoyancy for a twin, allowing it to have the same, very freestyle, character in a good dose of powder. This is a really “small bomb” that rides either way and makes you want to do tricks. We all felt good about this "little soft bomb".

Positives: Floaty tips / butterability
Negatives: Unstable in rough terrain"