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Rockwell Review -

As usual we've done our very best with the help of our good friend Google to translate a review from its orginal language, in this case French, into English. If you'd like read the original review, please visit where you can also find a video review.

"With its very short radius, a double rocker with reverse sidecut and an almost centred mounting the Rockwell can surprise freeskiers at first! This ski targets all-mountain skiers, those who refuse to be restricted to skiing without the aerial part, put simply it’s THE versatile ski of excellence, ideal for those who are tired of going home to change skis for the conditions; a pure freestyle ski that’s dimensions allow for tricks everywhere, playing with the mountain! Despite its unusual shape, the Rockwell is very natural to ski, ultra-versatile and fun everywhere. It makes short and medium radii carves (on piste it has the feel of a shorter ski underfoot although it doesn’t feel rushed and it can be skied surprising fast on hard snow); it’s capable of skiing small tables in the park with 20-30 cm of powder, remaining reliable and surprising agile. Even in powder it planes and turns all by itself;  then when you want to raise the game in any aspect of your skiing, it absorbs the impact and provides support!  In the snowpark it's a bit wider and a little heavy, but with pop and a nice balance. Its freestyle performance level is good; it's great for skiing the transitions of the Park, with the added bonus of forgiving landings and excellent switch skiing for a ski in this category! Obviously, it’s not a pure alpine ski or big-mountain-rig as big terrain might overpower its relatively soft flex; but for the right kind of skier, the Rockwell will make you smile! A great insurance policy for busy days which include pow, backcountry kickers, rails, tables and flat-ground: a great All-Mountain freestyle ski that goes everywhere with thunder."