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Skiing Product Special

Being a Bavarian ski and snowboard brand it's important to Amplid that our products perform where they were designed... the Alps. So every year we ship the guys from German publication SKIING a couple of pairs of skis for their annual test. It's become an acid test for whether we've still got it. It turns out that this year we do. Here are some extracts from the test with English translations.


"The ultimate ski for the pre-season! First flakes have fallen and it’s time for glacier with the homies. Is there already enough snow for excursions into the backcountry, or should we just pack park skis? This question is simple to answer: Pack the "Rockwell"! The ski is an absolute all-rounder. Narrow enough to be able to rock the kickers, and the five point radius developed by Amplid provides surprisingly good float. Oh and if you need to occasionally ride less interesting slopes or cruise the ski area with the girlfriend, the "Rockwell" is your go-to tool. For instructors who do not wish to dispense entirely with Style at ski lessons, the Amplid's a good tip. The only drawback is getting used to the way it skis switch."



"This ski is not a shadow of itself! In fact, it remains faithful to what it has stood for, for years: Powder Surfing! The Lexington is and remains a Pow Gun, in its width class it’s hard to find another model that matches-up in terms of agility with the "Lexy". The Bavarians know how to build a Powder-plank, and are constantly "in the field" testing in order to improve it. With the Lexington there is no need. With this BC-Jib Machine one can certainly rip lines easily top to bottom. Nevertheless, backcountry jibbing is the name of the game! Attempt really hardcore freeride action and the Amplid reaches its limits. Carving on the slopes is better than you think, and it will guide you on autopilot to the next Apres Bar."