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Snowboard Reviews - The Reason Magazine

Every May the UK snowboard scene gathers at the Kaunertal glacier in Austria to test the following winter's boards. The Reason Magazine then takes the tester's notes and publishes them in its comprehensive gear guide. Below is a scan of Amplid's page and beneath the image are the tester's notes in a legible font size.




“What a charger! Fast, stable, solid. Suits a powerful rider.” – David, Absolute Snow

“The best carving board I’ve ridden so far, awesome! Edge to edge it feels amazing. Just ride, enjoy and smile” – Andrew Barr



“Carves, slashes at speed and feels really stable. A very good board.” – Brian Page

“Life changing! This is the first non-camber board I would consider owning. Finally the hybrid profile makes sense.” – Andrew



“Loved this board. It’s a definite option for me this season” – Paul Servie



“A blast, both in the park and on the piste. Quick and surprisingly stable for a short board. Plenty of pop.” – Deano

“The longer contact edge really works and the Gullwing profile lets you take it anywhere” – Moaz Mian



“Good pop, good carves, good pow prowess! Good stick!” – Dave Apomah

“Went surprisingly well in the powder! A really snappy tail. So much fun!” – Mark Wainwright


Pillow Talk

“Great! Soft feel for aggressive fun. Floaty in the pow.” – D Harris

“Really fun in deep snow. I found the wide width and my size 6.5 feet weren’t the best combination on hard packed snow though.” – Adam Hoskins


Morning Glory

“This board was really stable in the pow, but the nose was nice and soft. It was really great riding off-piste without having to lean back.” – Matt Worshop



“Handled well even in powder and slushy snow. Flexible and forgiving for beginners” – Alexandra Theoharris

“Lovely and stable. Edges felt reliable for carving. Runs well over soft snow. Great Fun.” - Jenny Page



"Rode like a nice rocker board, but I'm 6ft tall so personally I would have benefitted from more inserts for a wider stance" - Lauren McCallum