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Syntax Review 2015/16 - Skieur Magazine

We know the testers at Skieur Magazine have a soft-spot for the Syntax, but with it's blistering performance and explosive pop, who doesn't? Here's what the magazine had to say about the ski in this year's test issue. If you want to read the review in French, we advice picking it up at good newstands... and maybe some bad one too.

"The Syntax remains, as it has been from the beginning, the flagship model of Amplid’s freestyle range, it's the little jewel with a racing base and HEXO2 construction, which gives it a big performance advantage and lightness. This is one of the best piste racers of this test, with similar behaviour to racing skis, hyper sensitive and quick, but a ski that needs a minimum ability in Alpine and gritting your teeth at high speed.

In switch it’s no different, although we recommend that skiers are confident in the art of riding switch to make the most of the powerful flex. The Syntax is not too nervous to to be used on small side jibs although you will need experience in order to manhandle the ski and make it do what you want.

As for the kicker, we have a boss, stable and extremely able, it pops like a catapult and it has sufficient stiffness to forgive landing errors. At 86 mm width with a very classical design (without rocker) the Syntax is limited in its versatility, but we forgive it willingly because of what it offers on piste and in the park. Beginners, go on your way, the Syntax is a weapon for good and very good skiers!

Piste: 4.5/5
Switch: 4/5
Jib: 4/5
Air 4/5

Positives: Light & Powerful
Negatives: Versatility & Accessibility"