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Syntax Review - Skieur Magazine

Skieur Magazine is France's premium freeski title. In March and April the magazine tests a hand picked selection of skis to give its readership the skinny on what's hot and what's not. Fortunately for Amplid they liked the Syntax... scrap that, they LOVED the Syntax and awarded it a "Tester's Choice" award. Here's a translation of the magazine's review and below you can see a copy of the original article. Visit to see the rest of the reviews.

"The freestyle flagship model in the Amplid range as seen on the feet of the rising Amrican star McRae Williams, the Syntax offers benefits worth the price: a ski designed for pure performance with a race base. And despite its HEXO2 honeycomb construction, which makes it the lightest ski in these tests, it needs to be bullied and skied hard to get the best from it. Moreover, it requires more than a little technique to be skied on pistes, but once in a turn it’s like a downhill fighter plane; stable with an explosive change of pace when in the sidecut radius. In switch this rebel is much the same, easiness is not its strong point. Nervous like no other, its pop is incredibly efficient for the evolution of jibbing, but good technique is still needed to control the ski, even if the low weight gives it lightning fast manoeuvrability for butters and press madness! As for jumps, you can say that we have a leader, stable and extremely manoeuvrable with catapult-like pop and enough stiffness to forgive mistakes on landings. At 86mm underfoot with a classical camber design (without rocker), the Syntax has limited versatility, but we’re willing to forgive that because of what it delivers on the piste and in the park. Beginners take your leave; the Syntax is a weapon for good and very good skiers!

Piste = 4.5/5
Switch = 4/5
Jib = 4/5
Air = 5/5
Versatility = 2.5/5

Level = Intermediate to Expert
Positives = light, responsive, fun
Negatives = versatility, accessibility"