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The Gemstock - Creamer Split Review

Blogger Andy Malton loves powder. During the winter the Englishman travels far and wide in search of bottmless white gold. And while he's out in the mountains sampling the finest champagne the planet has to offer, he reviews gear for his blog. Last winter Andy contacted us in-need of a splitboard for a trip to the Lyngen Alps, we ere happy to oblige and shipped him a Creamer Split for the week. Here are a couple of quotes from his review. Click on the link below for the full in-depth review.

"The Creamer Split feels like the all terrain deck that it’s designed to be. In hard snow conditions it holds an edge well and handles crud and choppy stuff with aplomb, helped no doubt by the basalt stringers which work to dampen vibrations. On some pretty horrific wind blasted snow in Norway the Creamer felt safe and solid." 

"After riding more pow orientated boards recently it was interesting to get onto something with a proper tail. The Creamer’s back-end definitely felt stable and solid and helped me ride steeper stuff with more confidence than perhaps I would have done on something with a shorter or more tapered tail. I imagine the solid version of the Creamer would carve really nicely on piste too as the board locks into a turn well and feels pretty powerful on exit."

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