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Mahalo is Hawaiian and means thank you. There is also a lot to be thankful for this board, e.g. its light weight, its playful flex and, its turning pleasure and its uncomplicatedness in the ascent as well as in the descent.


Test Results

"Ascent: The Mahalo convinces you during the ascent with its tracking ability and quite solid edge hold. It is balanced in such a way that you should kick turn less with an energetic kick, but rather shifting a little weight forward and the split ski follows almost automatically. As for the Stratospheric Topsheet, the differences were more pronounced on the thermal camera than in reality. During our tours we could not yet detect any difference with the topsheet. To be fair, we have not yet been out with the Topsheet in really unfavorable conditions - that is, when snow really ices and sticks to the board halves. We'll keep testing and report back.


Downhill: As a rather softly-tuned board, the Mahalo feels most comfortable in powder and soft spring conditions. We were surprised by the relatively pronounced potential for jibbing and playful riding for a spliboard: decent pop, low weight, soft flex and turning ability make small spins and even butters possible. You almost feel like you're on a fun oriented solid board. Logically, exactly these properties of course lead to the fact that in hard technical conditions, for example, ice chunks or frozen avalanche debris the board does not handle that well and the vibrations are quite noticeable.... However, the edge grip is always reliable and the agile Mahalo can be controlled confidently in any situation.


Description / Conclusion: Mahalo is Hawaiian and means thank you. There is also a lot to be thankful for with this board, such as its light weight, playful flex, its turning ability and its simplicity during the ascent and descent. If you can fully exploit its potential in playground-like terrain and avoid hard conditions, nothing stands in the way of the wide grin from the rider. Tested by 3 ladies with a weight between 55 and 62 Kg."




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