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And the era of awards continues ... stoked and proud to announce that the SURF SHUTTLE has won the EDITOR'S SELECTION of SPLITBOARDING.EU. Here is what their testers have to say about this new deck:

The Amplid Surf Shuttle Splitboard is equipped with the heat radiation reflecting Stratospheric Topsheet, developed and tested in the Alps. So it has to withstand harsh conditions, and it does it brilliantly!

Since splitboard development has reached the end of the road in terms of weight optimization, Peter, founder of Amplid, wanted to know if it is possible to further reduce the weight of his splitboards during the ascent. Because we all dislike heavy snow, which sticks sometimes more or less on our skis during the ascent. Especially not when it resists repeated scraping. So Peter Bauer developed the Stratospheric Topsheet. This is supposed to reflect incoming heat radiation better from the board, therefore causing a cooler surface on which the snow no longer sticks.

Ascent: The Surf Shuttle resembles the Millisurf like two peas in a pod. The basic weight is a little bit higher than the Millisurf, but the Surf Shuttle also moves in the lighter area of the splitboards. Due to its shape it has very good float and climbs excellently, even if the shape is more powder oriented. Even with the very hard 35 degree inclination we felt safe without crampons. There is a noticeable difference to last year's Tour Operator. The new Stratospheric Topsheet, which according to Amplid should prevent large amounts of snow from sticking to the board halves, has not yet been tested due to the pandemic. We will make a more detailed comparison as soon as possible.

Descent: I can say that the Surf Shuttle will work in powder, even if we could only test it in up to 20cm of drift snow. This is due to the shape and I don't think we need to say much more about this. More interesting is the performance of the powdershapes in hard and rough conditions. Here I dare to say the Surf Shuttle does everything that is expected and this very well. The Surf Shuttle from Amplid is a splitboard with which I would go on very ambitious tours and I would fully trust it. Generally the Surf Shuttle feels quite surfy, but still stable if you want it to be and if you press the edge properly into the snow. The flex is a bit softer than the Millisurf but still considered as hard. Concerning the POP we could not quite agree. Compared to the Millisurf it has less, but still enough to be rated very lively.

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