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The 21/23 Future Shape Range

Amplid founder PB presenting the latest 21/23 Future Shape Range:

The Future Shapes
An intriguing family of experimental, unique riding snowboards designed to bring new sensations to riding in deep snow. Futuristic geometries and wacky tips and tails make these backcountry shreds surfy and playful beyond your wildest dreams.

So what’s different with these shapes?
This entire family has a different approach to the boards’ tech specs matching the riders bio specs. It’s not a conventional product line, where you find one board in 3 lengths and widths! It’s a line where you find several different models, in one length each – and I’m confident you’ll find a geometry to add to your quiver as well. At least one !!!
The waist widths are rather on the wide side: This enables you to lay out big carves without any toe drag, plus think about the additional floatation in powder! For powder the boards have a lot of 2hat we call “active surface area” – way more than you you think, when you read the length only. For example the Dada is “only” 154 cm long. But when you look at tip and tail, and project a traditional nose shape onto this geometry, you realize that it will float like a 165 cm board.

Ah, by the way: you will find both the “under-foot-width” and the “active surface area” in the spec table on our website.

All boards feature a so called “thick-cut core profile”. While conventional shapes with more length per model are thicker between the bindings and thinner in tip and tail – we have slightly milled down the core thickness in the board center and extended the thickness towards tip and tail. It will add riding stability along the longitudinal axis of the board, you will be less likely to flip over in pow or do butt-landings because you are lacking tail power.  
This also caters to a wider weight range of the rider, it’ll work with or without a heavy backpack, and will eliminate the feeling of “having the wrong board today”.

What’s inside these boards?

•    In order to eliminate swing weight in the tips, we have spaced out the wood and replaced it with superlight HEXo2 honey comb material. This reduces tip chatter, and the entire board feels lighter and more nimble.

•    We have added a tip-to-tail carbon-ID pop-band, to amplify pop power.

•    Our flotation tips show a large eliptical scoop line, for maximum floatation. These noses simply always want to stay on the surface.

•    Impact plates made of precured hardglass in the binding area avoid dings and dents from the bindings.

•    Base material obviously is a super fast sintered ISO-sport base!

•    BTW: we have banned UV-gloss coating from our entire board range from this season on, simply because solvent is not good for the environment and the workers. So silk-matt is the new deluxe finnish!

Which board model for which tape of rider?

Spray Tray
The Spray tray comes in 147. Together with the Killswitch this is perhaps the board with the widest all-mountain approach within the future shape family. It’s got a smooth long nose and a nice swallow tail  for flotation in powder, we integrated a crankier sidecut for carving on groomers, with enough tail kick to ride switch. It’s designed rather for the smaller / lighter rider.

The Dada come sin 154 cm. It’s short and nimble, fat and floaty. Tip and tail have a very blunt geometry, the board is actually longer than it looks! This is for the backcountry freestyler, who loves slashing windlips and landing switch in waist deep pow.

Aloha Vibes
The Aloha Vibes - This 154 cm long beast is designed to surf in powder, if anybody wants to follow you in tree runs – it’s simply not possible. It floats incredibly well due to the waist width of 28 cm. The swallow tail is very easy to punch into the snow and make super tight pivoting turns or speed checks.

The Killswitch comes in a 158 length, and it’s for sure the model which covers the largest type of riding style, terrain and snow conditions. It carves really nicely on early morning corduroy, it floats easily in waist deep pow, the tail kick can handle switch riding really well, pretty much the swiss army knife in this product range.

Morning Glory
The Morning Glory is back. Back by popular demand! We discontinued the first Morning Glory 7 seasons ago, but we got so many requests to produce it again. So we needed to react on this demand, and launched a completely redesigned super modern version. The main characteristics from this geometry were – and are – long nose and lots of taper, for the deepest day out there. Pretty easy to understand what the board is designed for.

The Snommellier comes in a 166 cm length. A vintage deep swallow tail, combined with a long and modern future-shape-typical nose pretty much says it right away: This is for the deepest day of the season! White open faces, enough space to haul ass and drop cliffs, this is what the Snommelier is made for.

So if you are looking for a snowboard with an out-there geometry, lots of tech features and a super smooth ride, you have to get on one of those Future Shape Boards!!!