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The Amplid Hollow Project

Creating a superlight snowboard while keeping this glassfibre typical smooth board feel at the same time, this is the maxim we've been striving for in this RnD-project. Juggling the balls of lightweight and durability has been the main challenge. A little bit over 2 kg, with surprisingly high fracture values in the lab and a revolutionary weightless ride – this is the current status quo. Simply by replacing wood ... with nothing! Because “nothing” has no weight!
Let us know if you'd be up to ride this revolutionary construction and let your friends who'd be keen know as well as well!
Follow #AmplidHollowProject, register for our Amplid Beta Project to get your hands on one of those first protos and subscribe to our newsletter in case we release a super-limited batch of this megalight wonderboard - you should not miss that! Links in the bio.

Action footage by Balazs Kovacs