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The Good Ride Video Review: The Souly Grail

The Amplid Souly Grail is tapered and directional but doesn’t feel that way. If you rode this on groomers you wouldn’t guess it has 6mm of taper. That isn’t a lot but I’ve ridden many boards with 6mm of taper that can feel washy. The Amplid Souly Grail has camber from pretty much the tail to just a little before the nose starts. Then it has lifted sides that don’t come into the camber profile at all so it doesn’t wash with too much front foot pressure.

You have a medium flex that doesn’t seem to mellow out in the tip/tail and might even be a touch stiffer at the ends. The Amplid Souly Grail isn’t easy to butter for average riders but it pops really hard on an ollie. I love how dynamic this flex is for how damp it is. This is what really makes the Amplid Souly Grail shine as a board. It has incredible vibration/chatter absorption. It can handle hard microbumpy snow just as well as soft, uneven snow. I don’t think I’ve ridden a board this damp with this kind of flex.

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