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We’ve been trying to narrow down the list of puns you could use for the Morning Glory snowboard from Amplid. But it’s hard. Really, really hard. Thankfully, it’s much easier to sing its praises.

Who Is The Amplid Morning Glory For?
It’s a dedicated powder thruster, that’s for sure. The Morning Glory will excel in deep conditions and suit riders who prefer a longer running length instead of the more unconventional volume shifted snowboards out there. But you only need to glance at it to see Amplid don’t do things by half.


Shape, Profile and Sidecut
There’s a whole lotta taper going on here. 25mm to be precise. On top of that, the stance is set back by 30mm. Oh, and the nose is exactly 164mm longer than the tail. Now that’s quite a lot of numbers to crunch, but what does it all add up to? A powder machine. That’s what. The geometry of the Morning Glory is set up perfectly for smashing through powder, ripping tight turns through trees and laying out some deep carves back on the groomers.



That’s all complemented nicely with the half-fat camber profile, where a mellow positive camber is paired up with an early rise rocker to help keep you elevated in properly deep conditions without so much as an inch of back foot leaning.

    “What does it all add up to? A powder machine. That’s what.”

Construction and Materials
It’s no secret just how much R&D Amplid pour into their products, and while the Morning Glory is primarily one of those boards that let’s its shape do most of the talking, there’s still a lot going on under the hood.

Boards with increased volume in the nose can have a tendency to bounce around up at the front and feel a little unwieldy. Not so for the Morning Glory. A central carbon band runs through the length of the snowboard which provides some added dampening and response to the board. Amplid have also drastically cut down excess material and weight in the nose by replacing areas of wood with a super lightweight, honeycomb structure made from recycled paper. Both of these work in harmony to keep the board feeling light, agile and reactive, so you can focus on making those surfy, slashy turns around the mountain.

    “The Morning Glory is one of those boards that’s aimed at snowboarding connoisseurs”

Sitting in Amplid’s Future Shapes collection, the Morning Glory is one of those boards that’s aimed at snowboarding connoisseurs – those who appreciate out of the box thinking and out of this world performance. If you’re scoring enough powder days this season, waking up with the Morning Glory will never have felt so good.