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Was erhält man, wenn man Steroide zu turbogeladener Technologie hinzufügt? Die gesamte Flagship-Technologie von Amplid ist im Souly Grail fest verdrahtet, um ein einzigartiges Fahrerlebnis zu liefern.

Dieses neue Familienmitglied in unserer Centrifugal-Kollektion ist alles, was sich anspruchsvolle Turn-Connaisseure wünschen, und noch mehr. Es carvt wie ein Samuraischwert, mit leicht stärkeren  Sidecut als das Surfari, dennoch garantiert die Antiphase-Technologie einen superstabilen Speedgenuss. Die moderne Nose-Geometrie kombiniert mit einem klassischen Schwalbenschwanz-Tail sorgt für einen Retro-Look mit topaktueller Performance. Ja, es ist eine Rakete, aber es ist eine Rakete, die du fährst und nicht eine, die Dich fährt.


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ACT Magazine, French purveyor of great snowboarding content, put a good number of Amplid's 18/19 collection through its rigorous board test last spring. As you can read from the reviews, they liked...

Snowsurf Magazine - 2017/18 Snowboard Reviews

Last winter, French snowboard rag, Snowsurf Magazine, put the majority of Amplid's 17/18 snowboard collection to the test. Straight to the point and super insightful, head tester Franky and his...



Camber w/ Early Rise

Camber w/ Early Rise

In our experience this is the perfect camber-line for no-compromise, allmountain inspired, powder shredding. Subtle rocker in the tips generate lots of lift at low speeds and an out-of-this-world, weightless feel at speed. Underfoot camber transmits power at its best and helps for increased traction when skinning.


157 161
overall length (mm) 1570 1610
nose length (mm) 295 295
running length (mm) 1120 1160
tail length (mm) 155 155
waist width (mm) 260 264
underfoot width front (mm) 276 281
underfoot width back (mm) 267 272
nose width (mm) 308 313
tail width (mm) 292 297
sidecut depth (mm) 20 20.5
sidecut radius (m) 8 8.4
stance position 10 back 10 back
nose radius (mm) 800 800
tail radius (mm) 800 800
ref stance (cm) 56 (52-60) 58 (54-62)
camber Dir. Cruise Camber Dir. Cruise Camber
approx weight (kg) 2.95 3.1
rider weight-range (kg) 65-90 75-100
active surface area (cm2) 4230 4410

Technical Key Features

  • HEX02 Technology

    Spin to win with effortless style. Amplid’s HEXO2 core replaces specific areas of weightier wood at the tips with featherlight recycled paper honeycomb, practically eliminating swing weight,

  • Biax Glass

    Using Biaxial Glass in the construction of our shreds gives them a flawless blend of response and playfulness whilst keeping them ridiculously lightweight.

  • Floatation Tips

    Ultra wide, low rising tips that exist purely to create lift in powder without sucking-up speed. They add a surfy feel to skis and snowboards.

  • Sintered 7HD Base

    A premium sintered plastic which readily absorbs wax and will out-run your riding buddies’ bases without breaking a sweat. You better get used to waiting.

  • Antiphase

    An advanced composite damping technology, developed in house at Amplid, which reduces unwanted vibrations for a smoother more controlled ride.

  • 3D Crust Buster Nose

    A convex nose profile which improves tracking and fluidity in three-dimensional snow. To retain responsiveness, the contact points are not lifted.

  • Lite Core

    Uber light wood varieties are cut, treated and aligned in a way only our factory knows. Its strength to weight ratio has scientists baffled.


    Tough, pre-cured composite impact plates placed beneath bindings and touring hardware significantly reduce the risk of topsheet dings and breakages.


    Unidirectional carbon stringers placed in the tail, to amplify pop and acceleration out of the turn.

Terrain Map & Feel

Terrain Map