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Skialper, Italy's "numero uno" ski touring and splitboarding magazine, conducted its annual Buyer's Guide test last winter and Amplid sent along a Milligram, Millisurf and Creamer Split to entertain the testers. We're very pleased to reveal that the Milligram scooped the award for "Splitboard of the Year 2018" and the Millisurf was awarded with the "Powder Choice" award. Read the reviews in full here.
Last winter, French snowboard rag, Snowsurf Magazine, put the majority of Amplid's 17/18 snowboard collection to the test. Straight to the point and super insightful, head tester Franky and his crew always deliver a true picture of the boards they're reviewing. Read our English translations here or read the originals in French at
Under the guidance of ex pro-rider Franky Moissonnier, a man that knows how to pick a great snowboard, Snow Surf conducts a gargantuan test every winter. By testing over 250 boards across the winter, Franky and his team are able to choose the real diamonds.
The Milligram continues its ascent to legendary status by winning a "Selection 2017" award from French ski touring magazine "Ski Rando". The testers were blown away with the Milligram's combination of lightweight construction and killer performance.
More great news from the world of splitboarding, this time from the kind chaps at european splitboard website put the Milligram through it's paces in the Northern Alps of Germany and Austria and have selected it as one of their favourite boards of the 15/16 winter.