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4bi9 Trailer - Burn

Luka's story just goes to show that if you put the work in, opportunities will happen. In the spring of 2013, like every year Luka and Noah packed their ski gear and headed-out to Oregon for their favourite event of the year, the West Coast Session. Names were pulled out of a hat and Luka was selected to film for the week with the 4bi9 crew. That week he impressed the guys from 4bi9 so much that they invited him to film with them in Chile later that summer for the Eye of the Condor competition. Again Luka destroyed every set-up with the heavy dose of style he's renowned for. We can only imagine that the guys from 4bi9 were so stoked on Luka's part that they invited him to film a section in Salt Lake City for their Fall 2014 release, Burn. It's a dream come true for Luka and he's definitely earned it. We can wait to see Luka's section, but for now here's the trailer.