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Finnish freeski legend Kevin Salonius braves miserable November weather to bring you a short but sweet edit loaded with heaters!
Last winter Amplid team riders Kevin Salonius and Christian Stromberg teamed up with photo/film mega talent, Stephan Sutton, to film their winter skiing urban spots in Helsinki. This short, but packed, mini edit features incredible skiing from two of Helsinki's finest and beautiful cinematography. The spots are creative and the risks are high. It's a movie you don't want to miss.
Finnish rail slayer Kevin Salonius spends most summers filming rail trickery on his backyard set-up. With new and imaginative rail builds and trick combos this year's edit is on another level alttogether. Utter madness from the summer rail boss.

Serena Spring Break

Swiss Ambush rider Jeremy Rudaz wanted to end the season in the park and with powder piling-up in the Alps that was unlikely. To remedy the situation Jeremy travelled north to hang-out with his buddy Kevin Salonius at Serena, Finland, for the closing weekend.
Almost famous for his summertime backyard edits, Amplid team rider Kevin Salonius recently put together a little edit to show that skiing in his backyard isn't just a summer pursuit. Nope, skiing in Kevin's garden looks pretty fun in the winter too.
Serena homies Kevin Salonius and Christian Stromberg made the most of the early season snow in the north of Finland and filmed a handful of laps at Ruka. These guys know a thing or two about style and cool lines through the park.
Rookie Season concludes with Kevin travelling to the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees to compete at the world famous Total Fight slopestyle contest and ride the Sunset and Vallnord in perfect spring conditions with Amplid riders Luka, Noah and Pako.
In the third episode of Rookie Season, Amplid sends Kevin to Vercorin in Switzerland, the hometown of fellow Cartel team rider Alex Neurohr, to learn how to ride backcountry jumps. With Alex and Julien Lange on hand to offer advice it's sink or swim for Kevin.
Amplid Team rider Kevin Salonius starts his journey of skiing discovery in episode 2 of Rookie Season and travels to Austria to learn the art of freeriding from Andi Nitsche and Teddy Berr. And there's a surprise instore for Kevin when he travels to Flachauwinkl to ride park with Mac Minikan.
The 14/15 winter in Helsinki wasn't one to remember, but dealing with warm weather and making the most of what snow there is, is all part of being a freeskier in Finland. In the first episode of Rookie Season Kevin shows what Freeskiing in and around Helsinki is like.

Rookie Season Trailer

Rookie Season is a four part series following rookie Cartel rider Kevin Salonius on his adventures around Europe, experiencing new terrain and snow conditions and learning from his teammates. Here's the series trailer.
Unlike all other glaciers, Serena's latest addition hasn't been formed from millions of years of compacted ice and snow. Nope, the resort, situated on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland, needed to test some snow cannons. Amplid riders Niklas and Kevin made the most of the temporary patch with other friends from TWENTYTWO Productions.
There's not much to look forward to in the summer when it comes to skiing, but there is one exception. Every summer Cartel team rider Kevin Salonius works on a rail edit on the set-up in his backyard and each year it's the standard by which all other summer edits are measured. 2015 was a good year!

Decay Teaser

Last season Amplid Cartel team rider Kevin Salonius was a busy guy. Despite a diary packed with filming commitments, Kevin still managed to travel to Norway and film with his friends at Wordup Projects for their latest movie, Decay.
They say to truly understand somebody you should walk 100 miles in their shoes. Well, if you walk 100 miles in Kevin Salonius' shoes it's going to take a long time, because they're ski boots. Instead it's probably a better idea to watch this 3 minute "Day in the Life" edit.
Kevin Salonius spends all summer in his garden, but he's not planting Petunias, watering his prize marrows or weeding the flower beds. Nope, Kevin spends all summer in his garden working on new rail trick combinations for the season ahead. Here are some highlights from summer 2014.
The most productive professional skier in the industry, Kevin Salonius, just dropped his 2013/14 season edit. The conditions in Finland might have been a nightmare last winter for the urban scene, but Kevin and 22 Productions managed to stack enough footage to assemble a banger season edit.
Kevin Salonius is one of the hardest working skiers there is. We added to his workload this summer and shipped him a new true twin, prototype park ski to put through its paces. Little did we know he'd like the ski so much that he'd film his entire summer edit riding it.
Are your skis running a bit slow up on the glacier in the soft summer slush? Do you think a stonegrind with a deep structure would help improve glide? Well, Cartel rider Kevin Salonius can help. Kevin's new stonegrind service guarantees the deepest structure money can buy.
Last winter in Helsinki was a washout, the number of good, cold days with a base of snow on the ground could be counted on fingers and toes. Poor conditions didn't stop Amplid's dark horse, Kevin Salonius, from filming urban. In February Kevin linked-up with Norway's Wordup Projects crew to film at some of the city's famous spots.
Summer sucks. Sure you get long holidays, but what's the point of that if there's no snow to shred. In an effort to make summer more bearable, Amplid Cartel rider Kevin Salonius is launching a summer rail contest that anybody can get involved with. Oh and he's pulled together a whole lot of swag from his sponsors to award to the winners.