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The 14/15 winter in Helsinki wasn't one to remember, but dealing with warm weather and making the most of what snow there is, is all part of being a freeskier in Finland. In the first episode of Rookie Season Kevin shows what Freeskiing in and around Helsinki is like.
Unlike all other glaciers, Serena's latest addition hasn't been formed from millions of years of compacted ice and snow. Nope, the resort, situated on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland, needed to test some snow cannons. Amplid riders Niklas and Kevin made the most of the temporary patch with other friends from TWENTYTWO Productions.

Pre-Season in Finland

With glaciers in the Alps in pretty poor condition, many riders in Scandinavia are choosing to stay at home instead of spending it in Austria. Not great news for the Austrian tourist industry, but when you've got a 20m strech of man-made snow at home, who needs 500m of ice and slush?