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Today Amplid releases a very limited edition ski and snowboard to mark TEN years of Amplid and THIRTY years since the company's owner Peter Bauer first strapped onto a snowboard, a decision that changed his life. The ARC blog caught up with Peter to find out more about the very special 10/30 series and uncover a bit more about his past 30 years designing boards and skis.
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘it’s just honeycomb’, but if you’re thinking that you’d be wrong. HEXO2 is not just honeycomb; it’s actually a lot more sophisticated than just gluing a lighter material into the core in the place of wood.
Despite it's weighless construction and high performance ride the LAB Carbon Pocketknife isn't just for Pro riders. Tom E, a member of the ARC, got his hands on a Carbon PK this weekend for a few laps through Hintertux's early season powder.
There are lightweight snowboards like the HiDef and UNW8. There are very lightweight snowboards like the Burton Method. And then there is the Amplid LAB Carbon Pocketknife which makes a mockery of any other snowboard claiming to be the lightest.
Today Amplid announces the release of the LAB Carbon Split, the world's lightest splitboard. Another snowboard recently claimed the title of the lightest splitboard at 2.5kg but Amplid has stripped a further 200 grams making the LAB Carbon Split only 2.3kg.