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Time Machine Review - LeBonTest

The new Amplid Time Machine is an exclusive ski, very efficient and demanding of plenty of speed. Watch out, with its very present camber (and zero rocker), drifting is not easy and you need to be on it, "you gain speed quickly and can let the skis run ".

On the piste it surprised the testers with its ability to control carves "It’s almost like a Giant Slalom ski. It’s a stiff and demanding ski, not to be entrusted to any skier”. We gave it to some of our testers during big carving sessions to see how far they could push it. In all-terrain, the same story: its lack of forgiveness and manoeuvrability is not ideal for "intermediate" skiers, but for aiming straight and eating-up the terrain… "no problem." And no problem in the mogul fields, if you have the thighs! It lacks a little versatility for all snow conditions, logically due to its width and the absence of rocker there are better skis for big-mountain and powder.

A ski that is clearly aimed at either strong and heavy skiers (up to 100kg), or at lighter experts, those with a history in a Ski Club. Those of you with 70 kg on the scales and strong thighs who like stiff skis; the Machine Time is also made for you!


Positives – Very efficient with speed

Negatives – Not for everybody


Please note that LeBonTest tested the Time Machine in 185cm. 

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