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Cartel rider Alex Neurohr shows us what a perfect day of skiing in Switzerland looks like: Perfect runs through the forest in knee deep powder with friends, followed by Fondue and a belly full of Genepi. Anyone disagree?
December might have been low on snow in Switzerland, but February made up for it. Alex Neurohr and the Pot-Pourri crew, Laurent De Martin and Alex Chabod enjoyed countless perfect turns in bottomless powder.
This winter Amplid Cartel rider Alex Neurohr has teamed-up with fellow Swiss freeskier Laurent De Martin to work on a project named Pot-Pourri. The winter in Switzerland didn't start kindly for them, but by the looks of Springcember was still a ton of fun,
In the third episode of Rookie Season, Amplid sends Kevin to Vercorin in Switzerland, the hometown of fellow Cartel team rider Alex Neurohr, to learn how to ride backcountry jumps. With Alex and Julien Lange on hand to offer advice it's sink or swim for Kevin.

Rookie Season Trailer

Rookie Season is a four part series following rookie Cartel rider Kevin Salonius on his adventures around Europe, experiencing new terrain and snow conditions and learning from his teammates. Here's the series trailer.
There comes a point in skiing when tricks become so easy that the only way to make them more interesting is by adding a twist. Having mastered Double Tail Grabs and Octo Grabs with little effort Alex Neurohr has found a creative use for his ski poles mid-flight.
Last week Julien Lange and Kevin Salonius were hanging-out with Swiss Cartel rider Alex Neurohr and filming for a video series in his home resort Vercorin. While they were there, the crew took a day off filming backcountry jumps to join Ambush rider Jeremy Rudaz for the Gangs of Thyon contest.
Welcome to Alex Neurohr's world. Alex's 13/14 season edit blends big tricks, an excessive amount of style and a slightly schizophrenic editing. The result is sometimes trippy but always entertaining.
For the last month Amplid Cartel skier Alex Neurohr has been a busy guy. With a lack of fresh snow to play in, in his native Switzerland, Alex headed east to the Polish Freeski Open in the High Tatra Mountains in search of glory.

Meet Alex Neurohr

There are lots of good park riders. There are lots of good freeriders. There aren't so many skiers that blend these two disciplines seamlessly. Alex Neurohr is one such skier and people are starting to take notice... including his local newspaper!

The Road to Sion

Not to be confused with the Rastafarian utopia or Jerusalem, Sion is a small town in the Swiss Canton of Valais. When it snows heavily the locals prefer a more gravity dependant mode of transport to cars and busses.
It was the second week of December and four weeks of warm, sunny weather had taken their toll on the many ski resorts of the Alps. In a desparate, last-ditch attempt to secure photos for the 15/16 catalogue, Amplid's team manager invited a handful of riders to Pitztal in Austria for a weekend photoshoot.
Cartel rider Alex Neurohr can ride it all, from steep alpine pillow lines to icy mega kickers. In this little edit, Alex takes you on board with him while he throws-down smooth tricks on Stubai Zoo's intimidatingly huge Pro line.

Mixtape - Awone Films

We've been looking forward to the latest release from the guys at Awone Films. Featuring the skiing and snowboarding of Awone's vast crew and in particular Amplid's very own Alex Neurohr, it's a true testament to the wealth of talent hidden in the valleys of French speaking Switzerland.
The Amplid Cartel's Alex Neurohr and the Awone Films crew show you around their secret spot. There's no chance they'll reveal where it is, but they sure as hell want you to know how good the place is! Next level backcountry freestyle from the guys; beautifully filmed and edited by Jules Guarneri.

Awone Mixtape Teaser

Movie season is fast approaching. Within the next few months you'll be exposed to hours of teasers from your favorite production companies. Awone Films, Amplid's favorite Swiss freeski crew, just dropped a little montage of shots for their latest project "Mixtape"... we like the "slow cook" approach to their teaser strategy.

Is It a Bird?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just Alex Neurohr going bananas on the side hits in his local resort on a pair of 14/15 Hill Bills. For the last day of the season Alex went digging and prepared a little top to bottom banked slalom with plenty of hits along the way.
Ah spring, what a glorious time of year. Soft snow, warm weather, sunny afternoons and BBQs... well that's what you'd expect in April anyway. Unfortunately that isn't what greeted team rider Alex Neurohr and the Awone Films posse in Crans Montana.
Swiss crew Awone Films and ISBC pulled together their resources last week to run a small invitational contest at the mini snowpark at Bretaye. Shapers ISBC, Dudu and Elliot created some unique features, Alex Neurohr and the rest of the Awone Films set to work destroying them.
Last month Cartel National rider Alex Neurohr impressed the crowds of Samoens 1600 at the Bet On Orbit contest, and took home the prize for Best Style. Do you need some tips on what contest winning style looks like? Check-out the event video.

Alex in Shred-It Edit

Cartel Nationals rider Alex Neurohr was hanging-out with a handful of international pros in La Plagne, France last week for the Shred It Kevin Rolland Invitational. Kevin and his crew built an enormous step-up jump in the La Plagne backcountry and Alex was one of the riders invited to session it.

The Big Kahuna Kicker

Cartel Nationals rider Alex Neurohr and the Awone Films crew prove they have the minerals to ride the Ovronnaz "Big Kahuna Kicker". In fact Alex is so unphased by the size of this whopper that he rides it in a T-shirt. Another stylish edit by Awone Films' Jules Guarneri.

Best Style in Orbit

Two weeks ago Cartel National Rider Alex Neurohr was in Samoens, France for the "Bet on Orbit" contest. Alex went home with a fat cheque for winning the "Best Style" award... the award that everybody wants to win!

Powlympics 2014

While all eyes were on house sized jumps and a crappy halfpipe in Sochi, Swiss Cartel Nationals skier Alex Neurohr and his buddy Nicolas Vuignier were racking-up fresh lines in the Swiss Alps. The latest Awone Films edit captures what went down.
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