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BendikØye 100

Bendik presents: 100 rough cut seconds of park skiing from last season. Thanks to Øystein Bråten, Andreas Håtveit, Peder Svardal, Sander Dalside, Gaute Morken and all my friends ...

Bendik in TGP Vol.4

It seems that with every TGP release Andreas Hatveit, Oystein Braten and Amplid Ambush rider Bendik Oye are opening the world’s eyes to a handful of new rail tricks that have never been done before. This volume is no different with tricks so technical they’ll make your head spin. All Posts

Bendik Oye in TGP Vol3

Life ain’t so bad for Norwegian Ambush team rider Bendik Oye who can count Norse Freeski legends Andreas Hatveit and Oystein Braaten as shred buddies. Over the last couple of seasons the trio have been putting out little edits capturing the progression of their tricks and style… both of which seem to be coming along [...]

Norwegian Jazz Freestyle

When Norwegian Ambush riders Martin Bøygaard & Bendik Øye aren’t dressed in smoking jackets and roll necks, sipping single malt Scotch and enthusiastically comparing notes on Miles Davis records you’ll find them riding through the grooves of Norway’s perfect corduroy parks. Here’s a little mix tape they put together over Christmas.

Bendik’s Set-up

Bendik Oye is a rising star on the Norwegian Freeski scene. Recently Tor Meirik from Norwegian publication FriFlyt Magazine took the opportunity to ask Bendik a couple of questions about his gear. We used the incredible translation skills of Google Translate to turn a lot of these “Ø” and these “å” into good old, dependable [...]
Norwegian Amplid ripper Bendik Oye has been a great source of banger edits for the Amplid blog this season so we were stoked when his season showcase arrived in the HQ inbox. Solid rail tricks, more footage of ‘that’ slide ride and stompy switch landings mixed with a good helping of big rotations and doubles [...]

Bendiks Backyard Bangers

When a backyard jib video reaches in excess of 20,000 views even before it has made the ARC Blog, you know it’s the bomb. Norweigen Ambush shredder Bendik Øye hooked up with fellow countryman Andreas Øystein and they put together a pretty legit setup to get damn technical on. Bendik is a skier you need [...]

One day with Bendik Øye

Nice edit from Thomas Flått showing norwegian ambusher Bendik Øye up at Gol Skicenter.

The Festive ShrEdit

The smell of log fires lingers in the air, snow is falling heavily on mountain ranges all over the northern hemisphere and in just under two weeks everybody will be sat around a dinner table stuffing themselves with turkey. What better time for an Amplid ShrEdit, featuring skiing and snowboarding from the Amplid Cartel and [...]