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Time and time again Russian crew Life Steeze Media prove that their productions can cut it with the biggest productions in Freeskiing and Snowboarding. Earthshine is no exception... it is incredible.

LSM’s Earthshine Teaser

For the last four years Russian film crew Life Steeze Media’s releases have progressed from raw shred movies with spirit to full scale cinematic productions showcasing the best skiers and snowboarders Russia has to offer. Amplid Cartel rider Dima Makrushin’s video parts with LSM are always jaw-dropping. From the teaser, it looks like Earthshine will [...]

Super Makrushin Bros 2

There are no shells to jump, mushrooms won’t double your size and stars don’t make you invincible but Makrushin Land still looks pretty damn fun. Last season Cartel rider Dima Makrushin travelled and filmed across Europe and put together this edit.

LSM – 1st Urban Session

Temps have dropped in Europe and even if all the resorts aren’t open, urban shredding is on! Cartel rider Dima Makrushin and the LSM crew hit the streets of Moscow under the cover of darkness for some P-Tex on metal action.

Pre-Season LSM Style

Russia’s favorite freeskiing sons Dima, Yura and Alex hit Moscow’s indoor shred dome to limber-up for a season of urban assault, which means two things; 1) it’s almost winter and 2) LSM are creating another series of episodes around their 2012/13 winter. We’ll be glued to the series, that’s for sure.
We’ve had to wait three months since the epic trailer, but finally LSM’s latest full length release is here. A great follow up to Life Steeze Media’s ‘Russian Revival’, ‘My World’ featuring Dima, Alex, Yuriy and friends takes in all of Moscow’s latest urban spots.
Today Amplid announces the signing of Russian urban shredder Dima Makrushin to it’s International Cartel Team. Moscow local Dima has been riding on Amplid’s Ambush team for the last three years, but with the success of his video parts with Life Steeze Media and the constant progression of his riding Amplid decided it was time [...]

LSM Downdays Interview

It‘s currently middle of August and the summer is slowly coming to an end. In less than two weeks we already have September and the freeski scene gets completely resurrected again with the first big events going down and of course the numerous and highly anticipated movie premieres will care that everybody wants leave the [...]

LSMs European Drive-By

Life Steeze Media is the premier freeski crew in Russia right now. Their edits capture the crew’s endeavours in some of the most urban environments you can imagine, always in beautifully framed shots. To top it off LSM’s are sick and always jam-pack their edits full of mad open jacket steeze, they are as OG [...]
Another russian edit showing ambush rider Dima Makrushin and his gansta buddies Alexander Golovkin, Yura Moiseev and Valeriy Nozdrin in the DC-Park. Filmed by Alexander Golovkin, Edited by Dima Makrushin.

The Russians are coming …

The Russians are coming. And ambush rider Dima Makrushin is marching on the front. Get to know more about Dima on the interactive ISSUU WEBALOG (click here and flick to page 40 !) and watch out for that kid in the future.
Check out ambush rider Dima from Russia in his latest video profile, vote for him and make him rich. Good guy, good riding.