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Very rarely do you get untracked terrain on your local mountain. When it does happen and you know the terrain well enough to open up the throttle, it's always going to be one of those lines you remember. French Ambush team rider Nico Antony and his Creamer enjoyed this perfect line last week.

Day Trippin'

This week, with fresh snowfalls and sunny weather, French Ambush riders Nico Antony and Morgan Sauerwald ventured deep into the backcountry to a secret spot called "La Sambuy". They were greeted with perfect conditions and incredible terrain.
Big congratulations to French Ambush team rider Nico Antony who truly whipped-up the white stuff in the Tignes leg of the Temmos Freeride Series, a FWQ event, and ended-up on the podium in 2nd place.
Not convinced by the benefits of owning a splitboard yet? French Ambush rider Nicolas Antony just emailed us with a quick edit of some lines he poached on his Morning Split a week ago in Chamonix. Prepare to be convinced!

Chamonix Couloirs in May

The general opinion at the end of April was that the 12/13 winter season in Europe was one to remember; not only because of the amount of snow, but also because of how long it stuck around. Little did we know that a week from June, French Ambush riders Nicolas Antony and Morgan Sauerwald would [...]

Spring Lines in Chamonix

For freeriders looking to ride backcountry lines in the Northern Hemisphere in May there are only two options; either head further north into the Arctic circle or climb higher. Mountains don’t get much higher than Chamonix and in particular the Aguille du Midi and its surrounding peaks. French Ambush team rider Nico Antony took the [...]
If you suffer from motion sickness it’s probably best to give Fresh Cream Production’s (consisting of the Amplid Ambush’s Yannick Pebrel and Nicolas Antony) latest release a miss, but if you like pow riding POV movies hit play! Shot last season in what many are calling the best Alpine winter in 10 years, POWrno features [...]